Top Performing Customers Report: a Short Overview

Top Performing Customers Report: a Short Overview

Knowing your customers and what brings them to buy from you is key to growing an e-commerce business successfully. Customer analysis is vitally important. It enables you to build impeccable, more personalized customer experiences and increase the number of happy customers who’ll buy from you again, spend more, and refer you to more people, thus helping grow your sales. 

Let’s look at the Top Performing Customers Report and learn how you can use it to level up your customer satisfaction.

🤔 What is the Top Performing Customers Report about?

Basically, the Top Performing Customers Report is about those buyers who spend the most on your products. It shows you the highest-to-lowest ranking of your customers based on gross income per customer for a given period.

You can break down the data by the gross income a customer brought you or the number of purchases, etc., giving you a panoramic view of your most valuable customers’ behavior, both in general and per each sales channel separately. The report allows you to view the data in different periods, so you can track their performance over time.

📈 How does analyzing your top-performing customers help you?

Knowing who your most loyal customers are helps you in many ways to acquire more profitable customers, keep your existing customers satisfied, and drive more sales by making the right data-driven decisions.

  1. More accurate customer profiling

You can dive deeper into each customer’s data to outline possible common buying behavior patterns for the most profitable customers. Here are a couple of examples of the answers that you can get:

  • Do they buy more often but less expensive products, or do they spend on more expensive items but more rarely?
  • What purchase frequency is typical for your top performers?
  • What categories of products do they usually spend on more?
  • Do they actively profit from promo prices and discounts? And more.

Knowing the typical loyal customer profile patterns, you’ll be able to target your marketing campaigns more accurately and with a higher success rate.

  1. Targeted product recommendations to drive more sales

Your loyal customers tend to buy more, and this tendency grows each time they return. Knowing what they’re interested in, you can offer them targeted product recommendations based on what they like. (You can also check the Products Most Purchased Together Report for more actionable ideas about what products to recommend).

It can help you keep your valuable customers satisfied with the personalized experience they receive at your place and keep them buying again and again.

  1. Customer loyalty programs that work.

Your loyal customers are an invaluable source of customer data. They’re not only more willing to buy from you, but also open to communication. Think of reaching out to them and finding out details about how well you satisfy their needs, what else you can do for them to remain on the list of their favorite shopping points – basically, anything that will help you understand how to win their loyalty. 

Use the information you get to create or improve your loyalty program to make it work more efficiently and resonate with your customers.

Analyzing your top-performing customers gives you plenty of invaluable insights into customer behavior that you can use for more accurate customer profiling, targeted marketing campaigns, and growing the number of loyal customers.

Volha Belakurskaja

Volha Belakurskaja

Volha is an experienced copywriter with 10+ years experience writing for the information technology and services industry and a 5+ years sole proprietorship background. Passionate about all things tech, she is especially interested in topics lying at the confluence of business and technology.

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