Synder Integrations with Xero

Integrate your favorite e-commerce platforms or payment processors with Xero in a few simple steps. Receive all your sales transactions from top retailers and seller marketplaces into the accounting system in a detailed and itemized format. Enjoy full automation of day-to-day accounting tasks in a secure and trouble-free way.

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Payment Platforms

All Integrations


Payment Platforms


Xero + Shopify
Sync Shopify payment information with your Xero account and get your data safely recorded and accurately categorized in the books with machine precision.
Xero + Stripe
The smart Stripe Xero integration allows you to keep your books accurate and updated. Enjoy unlimited data import and highly customizable settings.
Xero + Etsy
Get all your Etsy sales, fees, and refunds automatically fetched into Xero accounting system with zero errors and minimum human involvement.
Xero + Square
Connect Square and Xero with Synder and get an instant overview of your online sales, thanks to the detailed data import with advanced settings.
Xero + PayPal
Import all the necessary financial information from your PayPal account into Xero in a fast, secure, and error-free way.
Xero + Amazon
Benefit from accurate and secure reconciliation of all Amazon sales in Xero by Synder. Make the most out of customizable settings adjusted to your business’s needs.
Xero + eBay
Start synchronizing eBay sales data between your eBay seller account and Xero in real time and get all your eBay transactions perfectly reconciled in Xero.
Xero + WooCommerce
Get all the details from WooCommerce invoices and sales receipts smoothly synchronized and automatically reconciled in Xero accounting system.
Xero + GoCardless
Have full detailing from GoCardless invoices and sales receipts automatically imported and securely kept by Synder for creating neat financial statements in Xero.
Xero + Payrix
Connect Synder synchronization software and get your Payrix sales fetched into Xero faster, easier, and with immaculate precision.
Xero + Ecwid
Automatically import Ecwid transactions with the necessary details into Xero to prevent errors, save time on bookkeeping operations, and facilitate reconciliation.
Xero + Pin Payments
Leverage seamless Pin Payments and Xero synchronization with Synder. Automatically import, categorize, and easily reconcile your financial data.
Xero + Authorize.Net
Easily transfer financial data into Xero with the possibility to auto-track product inventory, locations, shipping, discounts information, and more.
Xero + Gusto
Link Gusto with Xero using Synder and apply the smart mapping function to indicate specific employees’ data that needs to be transferred from or into Gusto.
What Synder can do for your business
Synchronization of Sales Data
Synder allows you to connect as many e-commerce platforms and payment processors as you need to your Xero account. You can easily synchronize ongoing transactions and have no limits in historical data import. You can go as far back in payment history as your payment platform allows.
Categorization of Expenses
Synder breaks down incoming payment information from e-commerce platforms into itemized taxes, locations, shipping, and discounts. As a result, you get detailed tax and sales reports ready for financial analysis. This data will give you a better overview of your gross and net income and help improve your business strategy.
Automatic Reconciliation
With Synder, the reconciliation process becomes effortless and reliable. Connecting smart synchronization software is an effective way to reconcile online transactions as they come. Keep your books perfectly balanced and matched with your banking account.
Recurring and One-off Invoicing
Getting paid online becomes easy with the advanced invoicing functionality provided by Synder. Create customizable invoices and send them to your clients in just a few clicks. Add credit card payment links to receive instant payments. Automatically close open invoices with received payments and have your books always up-to-date.
Multi-currency Support
Synder makes selling online internationally simple by synchronizing online transactions in multiple currencies. The software accurately differentiates between your home currency (based on your company settings) and foreign currencies. All transactions get automatically converted into your home currency and recorded in your Xero correctly.
Reporting and Insights
After reconciliation is complete, you know that your books and checking bank account are perfectly balanced and can turn to accounting reports for deeper financial insights. Synder’s reporting feature shows you the total of your money-in and money-out per chosen period and allows you to track changes in your sales and to react immediately.
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