What to remember if you are a newbie to property investment?

Smart property decisions are good for preserving your financial health and all they require is thorough and sound analysis of investment dynamics. If you are willing to purchase your first investment property, or perchance building up your portfolio, then taking the right decision rests upon a multitude amount of factors. Collating just the right blend of such crucial factors can frequently be the variation between purchasing a fair investment, and a very lucrative Investment.

The century old truism of location parameter has undergone a whole lot of changes. The new dynamics have emerged to be considered for residential property investment viz. the return on investment that you are poised to receive, the level of return whether adequate when you ponder with the risks of borrowing that are involved. Does this return outweigh various supplementary substitute properties or investments or not. The level of return you gain from a property investment is uttered by the cash-flow, and the ability to produce a capital gain over the time that you own that particular property investment.

Consideration of the potential of healthy returns on an investment is vital since apart from the rental income to be received from an additional portfolio of property, we also have to keep a provision for paying up the insurance, rates, maintenance and taxes. Such a return over time gets impacted when we consider the unavoidable expenses to be incurred on any properties. So the potential of returns has to be considered in accordance of such allied parameters. Over a period of time, various other factors also influence the return on investment, viz. the alterations in the rental trends, increase in property related operating costs and more.

All such factors ultimately do have a bearing also on the fair market valuation of your house or land property portfolio when you are looking forward to sell it to a legitimate buyer after reaping adequate benefits from it.

While quantifying the returns on investment of properties overtime it is also advised to consider the time value of money i.e. the inflationary effect on the local currency, probable rental trend alteration over the time period that you hold that land or house property, expected return to amass over the holding period.

So if you are new to realty investment it always pays to avail valuation services of repute for your property so as to receive a more clear and succinct reflection of land or house property return after a period of time. A legitimate valuer also considers factors such as tax-return performance overtime, and inculcates various other influencing variables swiftly to gain latest results.

Why seasoned valuation of property places is always a necessity?

Property valuation is a definite boost to any property deal from a sellers end. A property valuer is an authorized practitioner that establishes the fair market value of any property. The market value of any property sets the momentum of the offer that a seller places in front of a buyer.

The fair market value of property is defined in this case as the most probable price which a property should introduce in a competitive and open market under all conditions needed to a fair sale. The buyer and seller acting sensibly, knowledgeably and presumptuously; agreeing to that fact that such an established valuation is not influenced by unnecessary stimulus. In a fair valuation of any property the consummation of a sale on an agreed date, passes the title from seller to buyer takes place. The price that is discovered from an independent valuation represents a regular consideration for the property sold unaltered by special financing or sales concessions granted by anyone associated with the sale.

A property valuer performs such activities as are mandated by the government when a seller intends to sell any commercial, residential or industrial property in an open market. These activities include a complete visual inspection of the interior and exterior areas of the concerned property, determining the market value of a property on the bases of the standard valuation procedures such as sales comparison approach to value that uses the market data to develop a reliable sales comparison for a valuation.

A valuer also researches, verifies, analyzes, and reports any present agreement for sale for the concerned property, any offering for sale of the subject property in the preceding twelve months of the valuation. While a sales comparison approach for property valuation is employed by a valuer, he or she selects and utilizes comparable sales that are locationally, physically, and functionally very identical to the property in question. Such a consideration maintains a fair and accepted market value environment in the concerned geographical market area.

A licensed property valuer is aware of and accesses the required public and private data sources, viz. multiple listing services, tax assessment records, and public land records for the area in which the property is located. Such a professional also considers the potential factors that may have an impact on value with respect to the subject neighborhood, and the proximity of the concerned property to adverse influences in the development of their judgment of the market value.

They also consider any unfavorable conditions viz. repair requirement, worsening, the presence of hazardous wastes, toxic substances, undesirable environmental conditions, etc. observed while inspecting the concerned property. Such an act aids in valuation and marketability of the real estate property.

How To Build A Successful Real Estate Agency Business

modello_businessSuccess in real estate agency, especially in today’s tough and highly competitive environment is not a fly by night operation. It requires huge staying power and taking in your stride various obstacles and challenges. Further, there is a learning process that needs to be gone through. Though there could be some formal courses which teach the finer points of real estate agency business, there is nothing better than learning it on the ground.

Successful real estate agents are those who are master in networking with people, companies, organizations and other such stakeholders. Building positive relationships is at the crux of being a big player in this business. But as mentioned in the beginning there are no short cuts to it and it has to be built brick by brick.

Given the competitive and demanding market scenario, it is also important for real estate agents to add more value to their customers. This can again be done in many ways. Whenever there is a need to buy or sell a property there certainly is the need to approach a property valuer. Hence, as a real estate agent if you are able to provide this service to your customers you will be able to add a lot of value to them. Many customers do not know much about valuation and therefore would not mind handing over the job to you and rest assured. It will certainly be a win-win situation for you because you will be able to cross sell your real estate agency business to new home seekers and vice-versa.

You should also as a real estate agent develop positive relationships with banks and financial institutions. It would be pertinent to point out here that most of the customers have to approach banks for mortgage loans and hence it could be a place where you could identify new customers both for your agency business and also for your real estate valuation business.                    best double stroller – http://thestrollerguide.com/

Why Understanding The Various Methods Of Valuations Is Important

property valuation SydneyAt the end of the day, the main purpose of any property valuation is to ensure that the buyer is able to get reasonably authentic information about the fair value of a property that he or she is planning to buy. While this might sound very easy, getting hold of the right information is quite tough. This is because a lot of factors have to be taken into account, and various tools and methods may need to be used for valuing the property in question. The market valuation is just an indicative figure and nothing more than that.

Now, there are different methods in which properties are valued by the property valuers Brisbane. This would depend on the type of property, the location, the purpose for which it is being bought and under such factors. For example, when a customer is planning to buy a hotel, though the value of the hotel and its location are very important, equally important is the revenue that it could generate over a period of time. It is therefore very critical in such an eventuality to value the property using the revenue generation model rather than the cost or sales value methods. The latter are generally used whenever there is a vanilla property buying and selling mainly for investment or tenancy purposes.

In the same light there are different types of valuations about which also customers should have some reasonably good information. The most common type of valuation is the one that happens when there is a straightforward buying and selling of a real estate property, either for commercial or domestic purposes. On the other hand, if there is a need to value a property that is quite old then the valuer might have to resort to backdated or retrospective valuations. This is quite complex because it calls for looking for old records and documents. Further based on such backdated valuations, the revenue authorities may also calculate the capital gains tax applicable on such transactions. Last but not the least, compensation valuations are also very much in demand, particularly when there is a government takeover of private real estate property for implementation of socially relevant projects.

Want To Become A Successful Realtor – Read On

Real-Estate-InvestmentGetting a license is perhaps the first step for your getting started in your real estate business in the right earnest. You could always get a license from a good and reputed online real estate school. You will have to undergo some mandatory training and pass an exam after which you will get a license. This is very important and you should never get started without having a license in hand.

There is a process of learning for as well as unlearning involved as far as your real estate business is concerned. You will have to learn the various rules, regulations and other aspects pertaining to real estate business. For example, how to hire and deal with a good valuer Melbourne. As far as unlearning is concerned, you have to understand the success in real estate business is a process and there are bound to be many pitfalls and challenges along the way. You should take this business as a long term proposition if you really want to make it big.

When we talk about networking, you should understand the power and reach of real estate agents. In spite of development of the internet and other technologies there is no doubt that the good old real estate agent still continues to play a very important and significant role. They are the ones who will feed you with business and hence you should not afford to move away from them at any point in time, more so when you are getting started as a real estate agent.

Once you have started growing your business and have achieved reasonable levels of success, it become important for you to have your own website and you should start making your presence strongly on the internet where the action is going to be after a couple years. In fact, even today, many of the younger generation buyers and sellers are more comfortable buying and selling properties the power and reach of the internet. Last but not the least you have to understand the importance of being polite and well behaved with your clients. They could be a very powerful source of word of mouth advertising which cannot be ignored under any circumstances.

How To Identify The Right Valuation Company

valuation_graphThere are hardly any individuals or other entities who would not have sought the help and services of a good valuation company at some point of time. This is because whether it purchase or sale of properties or some other types of assets or when it comes to meeting some statutory valuation reporting there is no doubt that choosing the right valuation professional becomes of paramount importance.

But the common question that comes to our mind is how to identify right valuation company in Sydney. This is too simplistic a question and answering it in the right manner would involve taking into account a number of other factors. It would be a good exercise if we laid done a few points that should be taken into consideration while choosing a valuation company. Here are a few of them:

• One should always looks for valuation companies that have been in this line of business for the past many years. Experience is perhaps the most important differentiating factor as far as a good or not-so-good valuation company is concerned.

• The next important point is to look out for companies that have a host of valuation related services that they are able to offer. It would not be right to go by what the companies advertise loudly in the various medias. It is about touch-basing with customers and then evaluating a valuation company.

• It is always advisable to look for a valuation company that is government approved and registered.

• One should always look for valuation companies that are well networked and have the latest updates in the various rules and regulations pertaining to valuations.

• While cost is certainly an important deciding factor, it may not be prudent to just go by this parameter alone when selecting a valuation company.

• Adhering to timelines, being honest and transparent and being customer focused are a few more points that should be thoroughly analyzed before zeroing in on any valuation company.

How To Identify Right Valuation Company

There are hardly any individuals or other entities who would not have sought the help and services of a good valuation company at some point of time. This is because whether it purchase or sale of properties or some other types of assets or when it comes to meeting some statutory valuation reporting there is no doubt that choosing the right valuation professional becomes of paramount importance.

But the common question that comes to our mind is how to identify the right valuation company. This is too simplistic a question and answering it in the right manner would involve taking into account a number of other factors. It would be a good exercise if we laid done a few points that should be taken into consideration while choosing a valuation company. Here are a few of them:

  • One should always looks for valuation companies that have been in this line of business for the past many years. Experience is perhaps the most important differentiating factor as far as a good or not-so-good valuation company is concerned.
  • The next important point is to look out for companies that have a host of valuation related services that they are able to offer. It would not be right to go by what the companies advertise loudly in the various medias. It is about touch-basing with customers and then evaluating a valuation company.
  • It is always advisable to look for a valuation company that is government approved and registered.
  • One should always look for valuation companies that are well networked and have the latest updates in the various rules and regulations pertaining to valuations.
  • While cost is certainly an important deciding factor, it may not be prudent to just go by this parameter alone when selecting a valuation company.
  • Adhering to timelines, being honest and transparent and being customer focused are a few more points that should be thoroughly analyzed before zeroing in on any valuation company.

How To Buy Private Property Successfully – Useful Tips

house-for-saleThere are many ways and means by which individuals can buy real estate properties. On the one hand there are many state sponsored real estate projects that are available for sale quite regularly. These are essentially low cost housing projects aimed at the lower and middle income groups. On the other hand there are literally thousands of homes and apartments that are up for sale both in the private and public sectors. In this article we will be having a look at the points to be kept in mind while buying a real estate property from a private seller.

Buying from a private seller can be done through many ways. You could take the help of a real estate agent or could look up the internet. There is no doubt that the internet is a big ocean of information and one can identify scores of private properties that are up for sale. The biggest advantage in looking up private properties is that you can look for variety in terms of price, size, location, construction types and styles just to name a few. However, when buying a property from a private entity one has to be careful and go through the entire due diligence process in full without rushing through it.

First and foremost identifying the right private property is very important. Once this has been done it is important to be sure that it fits your budget and also is located as per your specific needs and requirements. Once these basics are in place, the next important task is to employ some professionals and get to know more about the property in terms of its rightful owner, and most important its fair market value. It is quite likely that the seller will quote a price which may or may not be in line with the fair market price.

The onus lies on you as a buyer to take the services of a good property valuer. A good property appraiser will take the trouble of valuing the property based on some important inputs. In most cases the valuer will manually examine the property and ensure that the specifications are the same as is available in the property documents. Once this process is through, he will come out with the valuation report using various tools and methods. He will also take in to account other factors such as the locality, infrastructure development, availability of amenities and facilities just to name a few.

Understanding More About Commercial Real Estate Valuation

real_estate_valuationBefore understanding more about the finer points of commercial real estate valuation, let us try and have some basic understanding about real estate valuation in the first place. Valuation of property is basically done to have a clear idea about the fair market value of the same. There is no doubt that the market could be good indicator about the fair value of a property. However, this needs to be confirmed by an authority who has the legal standing.

It is here that the role of property valuers comes into play. They are professionals who are mandated by the law to value a property using various inputs and methods and then come out with what they feel is the fair market value. In most of the cases these valuation reports are taken as the bible. In fact it would be pertinent to point that in most cases the valuation forms the basis for calculating property taxes, stamp duty agreements just to name a few.

Now let us try and have some basic understanding between commercial valuations when compared to domestic property valuation. While the objective of both are the same there are some basic differences in the way the entire valuation is done. While the basic objective of any domestic real estate purchase is to stay and spend life in it, it is no so in the case of commercial properties. In most of the cases, the main objective of buying or building any commercial property is twofold. First it is to ensure that the buyers are able to get some regular passive income by way of rent or lease for a long period of time. Secondly, the objective is also to ensure that the property offers attractive return on investment over a period of time.

Hence, when a commercial property is valued the point of passive income and future return on investment are the two points that are taken into account. Hence, the methods of commercial property valuation are significantly different from domestic property valuation. Further, when a commercial property is bought, the land on which it is constructed could belong to several owners. Hence, valuation also become that much more complicated. The valuers have to check record of all those sellers who are selling their lands to the new buyers. Hence, there is no doubt that while the objective might be the same, valuing commercial buildings and properties could be quite complicated to say the least.

Property Valuation From An Expert’s Perspective

pic_2_bigWhat exactly is property valuation and why is it considered so very important every time a property is bought or sold? This is a question that we often come across whenever there is a need to buy or sell a property. One has to bear in mind that property buying and selling is a complicated matter. This is because of the simple fact that the stakes involved are quite high. Property deals could touch thousands or even millions of dollars. Hence, all the stakeholders would not like to leave anything to chance. To ensure this they are ready to take help from as many sources as possible. Further there are some clearly laid down rules and regulations by the authorities which should also be adhered to when a property is either being bought or sold. Since there are many legal implications associated with it the entire ownership process has to be carefully treaded.

Of the many steps and processes property valuation is considered to be one of the most common and important too. One needs to understand the main purpose of property valuation to have a better idea about its importance. The main purpose of property valuation is to ensure that all the stake holders get a clear idea about the fair value of the property. This is very important because it gives them the confidence that they are entering into a contract with the right commercials. Buyers will be sure that they are buying it at the right price and sellers will be comfortable that they are getting the right value for money for the property.

Further we should also keep in mind that there are also some legal implications as far as these valuation reports are concerned. When it comes to calculating property tax, most government and revenue officials go by the value of the property that is declared by the property valuer. in the same light, whenever there is a need to work out the stamp duty payable, the valuation reports come in very handy. Banks and financial institutions decide on the mortgage loan amount only after they have a feedback on the value of the property from a certified valuer. Further, experienced and professional property valuers can handle any type of complicated valuations, whether it backdated valuation or valuation for government compensation purposes. Therefore the role of property valuers is very important and forms an important spoke of the entire real estate business.

How To Diversify Real Estate Business

2670-13939232647559574-Morgan-MyrmoThough there is lot of money to be made in the real estate business, being successful is not easy. This is because of increased competition and quite a few other changes as far as market dynamics are concerned. In such a situation it is important for us to find out other ways and means to not only ensuring success of the main business but also to look at other sources of income. It would not be prudent for real estate business owners to depend on this main line of business alone. It would be always better to spread the stakes far and wide. However, it should be done only in those lines of businesses over which they have confidence, expertise, experience and capabilities.

However, going in for diversification of the real estate business one must be sure that they have exploited this business to the fullest extent. Many real estate promoters are in the habit of trying out too many things without being certain whether they have done justice to their main line of activity. Real estate promotion and building business still continues to grow at a reasonably good pace. However, it is important to keep in mind that the old methods of reaching out to new customers might need a re-visit or relook. This is because today’s customers use the internet and other such modes of communication as far as information seeking and knowledge gathering are concerned. Hence as service providers it is important for us to keep this changing reality in mind.

For example, offering online buying and selling real estate projects and having a website that is totally informative are a few ideas that could take ones real estate business to the next higher level of success. Talking about diversification, it would not be a bad idea for real estate promoters to offer real estate valuation or appraisal as an additional service. There is without any doubt a continued demand for quality real estate valuers and appraisers. Hence, offering this as a value added service to customers will certainly work very well on them. it will help the main business also quite significantly. Starting a valuation business alongside the main real estate promotion and development business is not very difficult nor does it cost much in terms of money and effort. What is needed is a separate setup to manage the entire valuation business which over a period of time will yield very rich dividends to both the businesses.

How To Scale Successful Heights As A Real Estate Agent

Family with real estate agent outside houseThough there is good lot of money to be made in real estate agency business even today, when it comes to success ratio, it is abysmally low. Only a very small percentage of real estate agents are able to make it to higher levels of success. So, what are these agents doing differently from the others who are not able to make much headway? Let us try and find answers for the same over the next few lines.

First and foremost it is important to understand that real estate agency at the end of the day is people’s business. It is therefore very important for any agent to understand the importance of building relationships and creating newer and better networks. This has to be a continuous process and there are no full stops or commas here. Further, one has to understand the success in real estate agency business takes time and effort and cannot happen overnight. Hence, one should always be prepared for the long haul as far as this business is concerned.

Now that levels of competition have increased significantly, it is extremely important for real estate agents to find out way and means by which they can add more value to their customers. Since you will be one amongst the hundreds who will be offering real estate agency and brokerage services to customers you must find something that will interest customers. Hence, today it is now becoming very common for real estate agents to look at other business opportunities that are in conjunction with their main line of business.

It is not very uncommon to come across real estate agents who also are into real estate valuation and appraisal. This is also a very important line of activity in the entire property buying and selling exercise. Hence, as a real estate agent if you are able to offer this as an additional service to your customers, you will certainly find it acceptable to many customers. It will be a perfect opportunity for you to add more value to your customers and increase the number of prospects in your network. Many real estate agents have over a period of time become excellent valuers too.

How To Add Value To Real Estate Agency Business

iStock_000006476620SmallThe real estate industry in general and real estate agency business in particular is becoming extremely competitive. Running a real estate agency business successfully is not the same as it was a few years ago. Many new players have entered the market and there is a literal jostling for space where instances of push becoming shove is becoming regular than ever before. Under the circumstances, if you wish to take your real estate agency business to higher levels of success you have to find out ways and means by which you can add more value to your customers. However, adding value is not as easy as it seems and calls for some unique offering to the customers which they will relish.

A good starting point would be to have a website of your own. This may not open the floodgates of new prospects immediately but will certainly be a significant step when it comes to adding value to your customers is concerned. The website should be informative with interesting articles pertaining to the real estate industry. This will enable more customers to visit the website and have a better understanding about your organization and its activities.

The next important point is to try and diversify your business so that you do not put all the eggs in one basket. However you have to be careful about the business that you choose to diversify. It has to be in the same line of industry that you are familiar with. For example, as a real estate agent, it might not be prudent for you to enter into photography or catering business. You should be careful about the business that you choose. It should be a business that is complimentary to your main line of activity.

A good suggestion would be to become a real estate valuer or conveyancing specialist. This is a wonderful way to add value to add more value to your customers without taking the risk of diversifying in some unchartered territories. When you become a valuer and also a real estate agent, customers will certainly see lot of value in your services and you will see more number of prospects knocking at your door than ever before. Hence, diversifying intelligently is something that should always be on the top of your mind.

What To Do To Be Successful Real Estate Agent

attractive-real-estate-agents-perform-better-middle-tennessee-stateThough it is a fact that there could be hundreds of real estate agents who could be entering in to the market, when it comes to being successful in this business, the ratio is not always very impressive. What are reasons for low success level or in other words what are the things that should be done to become successful in the highly competitive but potential real estate market? Let us try and find out answers for the same over the next few lines.

Being a successful real estate agent in today’s competitive market requires time and effort and it cannot be achieved overnight. Further, as a real estate agent one should find out ways and means by which they can add more value to the customer. This may not be possible by just offering real estate agency as the only service to the customer. You should find out other products or services that are in the same line of business but which could add perceived value to the customer.

This is perhaps one big reason why today, many real estate agents are also becoming real estate valuers. There is a big and continuous demand for valuation because it is extremely important and critical when it comes to buying and selling of homes. There is a need on the part of the buyers in particular to have a clear idea about the fair market value of the property in question. This can be done only when the property is valued by a competent, qualified and certified valuer. It is therefore not surprising for many agents to also double up as property valuers and appraisers.

It works to the benefit of the customers and also the real estate agents. Customers would be happy to avail the services of a known real estate agent for meeting their valuation requirements. On the other hand the real estate agents are able to diversify their income sources. It will help them to get new customers both for their real estate agency business and also for their valuation business. However, it might call for some initial ground work and setting things in place. As a starting point, it is important for real estate agents to also become certified valuers and also go through the required education to be called as a qualified valuer.

The Role Of New Generation Of Real Estate Agency Professionals

1percentrealtyteamHowever, technology has changed quite dramatically over the past few decades. The internet and the mobile phones have redefined the way business is being done and the way information is sought out by customers. Hence, even successful real estate agents who have been depending on conventional ways and means to do their business must try and understand the importance of technology when it comes to driving business. Real estate agency at the end of the day is all about building relationships and building good networks. Towards this objective the new generation real estate agents must understand the power and reach of the internet in particular.

They should start off in the right earnest by having a website of their own. Further they should ensure that the website gets reasonably big traffic. This can be done either by linking the website to popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Alternately, the real estate agents should also employ some time-tested search engine optimization campaigns. This will help them to rank very high in searches when done in sites like Google and Yahoo.

While there are important technical initiatives that should be taken, it is also important for real estate agents to diversify their business sources. Depending on real estate agency alone may take them only thus far. Therefore, it is now becoming common place for many real estate agents to take up complimentary tasks that are in line with their core business. Thus you can easily come across quite a number of agents who are also becoming real estate valuers. Valuation in an integral part of any property buying and selling activity and therefore when agents offer this as additional service to their customers it certainly helps their business cause very much. They are able to reach more number of prospective customers and build excellent networks over a period of time. The income generated from real estate valuation also helps them quite a bit and could also add significantly to the bottom line.

How To Identify The Right Real Estate Agent

Real estate agent showing brochure of house to Hispanic coupleFirst and foremost, whenever you are in the job of choosing a real estate agent, you should first be clear whether you need his or her services in the first place. This is very important because today there are many other sources of information available which could be helpful in identifying the right real estate agent. Once you are sure about the need for a real estate agent, the next important thing you should be doing is to look for someone who is registered under the law and is permitted to act as a real estate agent. This apart it is also important to look for agents who have rich experience and expertise in this field. They should also be having a good reputation and goodwill in the area in which they are operating.

Further real estate agents are also expected to add value to their customers. This could be done in more ways than one. Today’s customers are not on the lookout for typical real estate agents whose job is to bring together property buyers and sellers. It is more about finding out ways and means by which they can add more value to their customers. This can be done by offering additional services which are not exactly under their domain of service.

Hence, it is not very uncommon to come across real estate agents who also double up as real estate valuers or even property managers. Valuing a real estate property is extremely important and therefore if a real estate agent is able to offer this additional service it will certainly go down very well with customers. This will work to the real estate agents’ benefit in more ways than one. It will help him to build good relationship with existing clients while also helping him to mine for new ones with the additional services that he is now offering. Hence, it certainly is a win-win situation both for the customers and also the real estate agents.

Getting To Understand The Importance Of Real Estate Valuation

homes-300x225There are many reasons why valuation of a property is considered so important. First and foremost, whether one is a buyer or seller there is little doubt they would like to get the best the best out of such transactions. Hence, it is important to have a good idea about the fair market value of the property from a professional who has rich experience in this area. Secondly the professional in question must also be certified by the law to undertake such valuation. Hence, the role of property appraisers and valuers becomes very important. Further it would also be pertinent to mention here that quality valuation report also has a lot of subjective information about the property that is either being bought or sold. The subjective information mostly contains information about the neighborhood where the property is situated. The report will also throw light about the state of infrastructure around the property. It is also quite common to see quality valuation reports also making mention about the amenities and facilities that are available in the locality and the neighborhood in which the property is situated.

Apart from the above, valuers also take the trouble of measuring the property in question and ensuring that the physical measurements are the same as stated in the property documents and also as per records available with the government authorities. Hence given the above facts, there hardly is any doubt that valuation of real estate is as critical as arranging funds for home purchases or taking the services of real estate attorneys and lawyers.

Further it would be pertinent to point out here that there are different types of valuations that could be required by the customers. Hence, it is important to avail their services when it is about complex valuations like backdated or retrospective valuations or valuations where compensations need to be paid by the government to individuals and other entities. It is also common to see many divorce related property matters being settled amicably because of the proactive role played by property appraisers and real estate valuers.

Real Estate Agency Success Redefined

group-mosaicHowever, when one looks at the success story of real estate agents, it is very poor to say the least. Only 2 out of 10 real estate agents achieve reasonable levels of success. Out of the other 8, 5 to 6 are forced to shut shop within the first year of operation. The remaining 2 or 3 are just about managing to exist without any significant to show for them.

In such situations, it would be useful if we could find out what are the reasons for the success of the first 2 while all others are struggling. If you look at the story of the successful real estate agents you will certainly find one thing in common. These agents build their business on sound principles and objectives and they never veer away from these stated objectives.

Further they understand that success in real estate business is a long story and there are no short cuts. As competition increases and as customer knowledge and information levels
increase, many real estate agents are keen on finding out ways and means by which they can add value to their customers.

They do so by various ways and means. It is therefore quite common for real estate agents to look for additional services that they could offer to their clients instead of just being in the broking business. Many real estate agents also do the additional job of property valuation. This is a job that will have constant and continuing business once you have set the foundations right. Customers are always willing to associate with persons who are trustworthy as far as their valuation requirements are concerned.

It is a win-win situation both for the valuers and also from the customers. Hence, today, there are literally dozens of real estate agents who are expanding their main business by offering their services as real estate valuers. Further, they are also very actively and aggressively present on the internet. Apart from having their own website, they also are available in all networking sites.

Various Types And Methods Of Property And Real Estate Valuation

0607_real-estate-taxes-most-hated_485x340The main reason why a property is bought or sold is mostly with a commercial interest. Even when there is no commercial interest involved in the form of exchange of money, these transactions happen because there is a value attached to such transactions. Hence, the main role of a property valuer is to establish the fair market value of a property that is being bought. It is quite possible that the market could be a good indicator of the property that is being bought.

However, this is based on hear say and also based on the going rate for a particular property which might be similar to the one that is now being bought. It is therefore quite natural for a buyer to have a further level of comfort regarding the value of the property. Hence, the role of property valuers and appraisers become important. It is not uncommon to see the valuation report being given by the property valuer being taken as the final and undisputable figure.

Apart from helping the buyers to have a fix on the fair value of a property, it is also important to find out the stamp duty payable on a property transaction and also for calculating property tax and capital gains tax and quite a few other levies. There are different methods that are used to value a property. This would depend on a case to case basis. But the most common methods are the revenue method, the cost method and the sale value realization method. Each method has its own significance and importance.

There are also different types of property valuation reports too that must be known to real estate customers. For example there could be simple valuations where there are buyers and sellers and there is clear commercial interest evident in the transaction. On the other hand, you could also have situations where a property of an individual or entity could have been taken over by the government in which has there is type of valuation called compensation valuation that is applicable. Additionally, whenever a bank receives an application for home mortgage loan, such properties are also valued and these are commonly referred to as property mortgage valuations.

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How To Become A Successful Real Estate Agent

12378909_mTo begin with one has to understand that being successful as a real estate agent or even as a real estate businessman is a journey that has to be gone through. There are no short cuts and ifs and buts. It is a journey that will take a long lot of time and if one looks at the history of successful real estate agents it would have taken them a minimum of 5 to 7 years to really get started and going. So, patience is the name of the game as far as success in this business is concerned.

The next important factor that should be kept in mind is the need to be aware of the changes that are are happening in the real estate market on a countrywide basis. While local factors do influence local real estate market to a certain extent, it has been found that most of the times it is national polices on real estate buying and selling that has a big role to play. As a real estate agent, ignorance of rules is not something that can be accepted under any circumstances. The rules as far as real estate business is concerned will keep changing quite regularly and even dramatically. It is important for the agents to be therefore abreast with such changes to real estate rules and regulations.

There are many real estate agents who have grown big because they have understood the value of adding something complimentary to their main line of business. For example, it would not be a bad idea for real estate agents to also become good real estate valuers. The simple reason is that both the tasks are complimentary to one another. A customer needs a real estate agent for identifying a good property and again when he decides on the property he certainly would need a real estate valuer. A customer would rather put his money on the real estate agent with whom he would certainly have built a good rapport. Hence, taking all these factors into account there is no doubt that being successful in real estate agency business much more than mere hard work alone. One has to learn to think out of the box and come out with innovative ideas. Last but not the least a good real estate agent must be present on the internet quite aggressively and he should at least have a good website for bringing in more customers.

What It Takes To Be A Successful Real Estate Agent

business_people_isolated_over_white_backgroundToday’s customers have one particular thing in short supply and that it time. Either both the husbands and wives are working or doing something of their own which occupies them almost the entire length of the day. Under such circumstances when it comes to making big decisions like buying homes, there is a need to take the help and assistance of persons who are qualified and experienced in this field. This is because this will make their life easier and would prevent them from spending their valuable time looking for the right home or apartment.

Hence, the first point that differentiates a successful real estate agent from a not so successful agent is being able to understand the customers need thoroughly. The customer may meet the real estate agent only for a few minutes at the most and the onus is on the agent to make use of this time and get their requirements as clearly as possible. The next important factor that plays a big role in differentiating the successful real estate agent from others is being able to offer additional value to customers.

For example there have been many instances where customers would want some additional information or service from real estate agents. This is perhaps the reasons today we find may real estate agents who also perform the additional task of real estate valuers. Property valuation is without any doubt one of the most important tasks and hence if a real estate agent is able to offer the same to his customers he certainly will become their favorite for a long period of time to come. Retaining customers is a big challenge for real estate agents and this can become possible when they understand the importance of doubling up as a real estate valuer. Therefore he would do well to qualify as a real estate valuer by taking up some good courses and also getting himself registered as a valuer apart from being a real estate agent.

What It Take To Succeed As A Real Estate Valuer

87735019_XSTo start with, you should be aware of the various rules and regulations governing property valuation. There could be different set of valuation rules depending on the type of property that you are valuing. For example, when valuing residential properties you may have to apply different yardsticks which could be quite different when you are valuing commercial properties. Hence, it is very important to go through a formal course on property valuation before getting started. The theoretical knowledge coupled with practical experience in the field will stand you in good stead.

Secondly, you should understand the importance of getting yourself registered as an authorized and government approved property valuer. This will increase your goodwill and reputation and will also help you to look for clients beyond individuals. For example, banks and financial institutions form a major source of potential business givers for property valuers. However, they usually encourage only those valuers who are both qualified and registered under the law. While experience is important, this alone may not be enough to enter into banks and financial institutions.

The next important factor that separates the grain from the chaff as far as successful valuers is the kind of services that they are able to offer to their customers. Today any good valuer should be considered as a single-stop solutions for various types of valuations however simple or complex they might be.

While rates are of paramount importance, it may not be always the deal clincher for many valuers. Quality of service that they provide to the customers and the time lines that they are able to maintain are also important points which must be kept in mind while going in for choosing a property valuers.

Apart from the above, honesty, transparency and maintaining high levels of professional ethics and value systems are also very important for those who wish to make it big in their valuation business. Success in this business is a process and it is not something that will happen overnight. Being patient and aiming for excellence in customer services is what takes to become successful in this business.

What Does A Good Property Valuation Report Throw Up

energy-surveysTo begin with, the main purpose of any valuation report is to ensure that it shows the right value of a property that is up for sale or for the purpose of ownership transfer. What exactly is the ‘right value’. This is a common question that is asked by many persons. Since the market itself has a value which corrects itself depending on the various market dynamics should it not be taken as a the right value for a property. While the answer is yes to a great extent, the market value alone cannot be considered as the final authority as far as the price of a commercial or domestic property is concerned.

That is where the role of a property valuer counts a lot. He helps in corroborating the value that is set out as per the market guidelines. Hence, when the value more or less matches from two different and independent sources of information it certainly helps the confidence levels of the buyers and he is sure that he is paying the right price for the property.

This apart there are some more important pieces of information that are available in a good valuation report. For example, the report looks into the legal aspects of the property in some details because it is essentially the job of the real estate attorney to have a deeper look into it. There are also a lot of subjective information available in such reports. The valuer has to physically inspect the property, take measurements of the same and also have a look at the neighborhood. The quality of life, the quality of people and the infrastructure development in the locality are also important subjective information that forms a part of any good valuation report.

Attributes A Successful Real Estate Agent Should Posses

ar134209408420609To begin with before becoming a real estate agent one has to be understand that this is a serious business. Success in this business does not come overnight and it takes time and effort. Unless this thought process gets deeply engrained in a person he will not be able to see high levels of success in this business. Many persons look for instant money in this business and this happens, but very rarely.

The next important step is to get into a learning mode as far as this business is concerned. This is a business of people and mastering the art of dealing with people is key to succeeding in this business. You should over a period of time be a master in networking and building relationships.  This is very essential if you wish to be reasonably successful in this business. Additionally,  getting a formal qualification and a license as a real estate agent are also matters that should be of paramount importance to you. This will go a long way in improving your credentials and goodwill which is so very important for achieving success in the real estate business.

Having a clear knowledge about the local real estate market, having the right information about the upcoming real estate projects, new or old buildings, apartments or commercial establishments that are up for sale are some basic details which any good real estate agent should possess. They should also understand the importance of networking with other real estate agents so that it could work to their mutual benefit.

Last but not the least, good real estate agents are also good property valuers by default. This helps a lot in furthering their business interest over a period of time. Customers would always be glad to associate with a real estate agent if he or she also is a registered and government approved property valuer. Therefore, if you are an ambitious real estate agent you should also qualify as a real estate valuer by undergoing the right course. This is a lethal combination which could take your real estate agency business to big heights of success.

Various Attributes Of A Good Valuation Company

5_896_293The primary reason for appointing a valuer when it comes to buying or selling a property is to ensure that the concerned stake holders get a clear idea about the fair market value of a property. Though the market itself throws up a value buyers in particular would like to ensure that the value in a fair representation of the actual market value. Towards this objective the role of a valuer becomes very important. Hence, when choosing a valuer you should be sure that he or she has the experience and wherewithal to give a fair representation of the value of the property.

This would require the valuer to take all facts into consideration before valuing the property.  It is just not enough to have a look at the books and then come up with a valuation figure. Their job should go much beyond that. They should take the trouble of personally examining the property from many angles. The quality of the property should be looked at and the age should also be taken into account. This apart it is also incumbent on the valuer to have a look around the neighborhood and be sure that similar properties also have the same value as is evident in the market or as is found in the books of the government authorities.

Next when recruiting valuers, one should be careful about the status as an approved property appraiser. Many a times customers often overlook this fact and pay the price later. Further, a good valuer is not supposed to just restrict himself to simple valuations. He should be able to handle any types of valuations however complex they are. Valuation of property is a big subject and cannot be looked only in the narrow prism of vanilla property valuations alone. There are other types of valuations such as backdated valuations, valuations with retrospective effects, compensation valuations, mortgage security valuations, valuations pertaining to deceased properties just to name a few. Hence, they should be in a position to take up any difficult type of valuations. Adherence to time lines is another important area that should be kept in mind when one is approaching a valuer. This is because almost each and every  type of valuation have specific time lines which must be met at any cost.

In fine, choosing a good valuers from amongst a crowd of them is certainly a challenging task. The best way a customer can do so is by being informed and taking as much knowledge as possible. Being in touch with the various websites that provide information pertaining to valuation is an important way of going forward in this matter.

Online Real Estate Courses Should Include Property Valuation As A Subject

house_0511_322-300x232There is no way real estate business and property valuation can be seen in two different silos. They are very closely interlinked and therefore the clamor for including property valuation as a subject is always growing. Most of the persons who are not closely associated with real estate business would not understand the importance of property valuation. Most of the buying and selling transactions would come to a grinding halt if real estate valuers where to cease work even for a few hours. Billions of worth of property loans would get stuck in the pipe line in the absence of property valuations. Many government and local authorities would be at their wits end not knowing what is the tax to be levied on properties if valuation reports were not forthcoming.

Given the above scenario it is of extreme importance to include the subject of property valuation even for real estate agents who are seeking a certificate for commencing their real estate agency business. This is something which will also go a long way in helping the real estate stakeholders too. It is expected that they have a better understanding of property valuation so that they are able to address customer queries better and be of better help and assistance to them.

In view of the above, it is felt that real estate courses all across the country will have a specific subject entirely devoted to property valuation, its importance and significance, the different types of valuations and other such important matters.

Want To Become Successful Real Estate Investor – Read On

maxresdefaultThe real estate market is well and truly becoming very competitive. As we read this article, it is quite possible that quite a few investors are willing to put on the line thousands of dollars of their hard earned money in the process of “learning” the so-called tricks of making it big and successful as a real estate investor. Do we need to actually spend this kind of money just to “learn” the trade or is there any other way out? Let u try and find out the same over the next few lines.

The biggest learning point as far as being successful in the real estate market is to understand that all those who enter this trade fresh are novices. There is a lot of learning process to be gone through. It would be better for such new entrants to learn the process by being outside and being associated with some friends or relatives. This would be a less expensive option than getting it into the market without knowing anything and then burning the fingers badly. Further, while there is money to be made in the real estate market, as an investor you should know to draw a line between reality and lofty expectations. Most of the new entrants in the property market end up making a big hole in their pocket because they get in with huge expectations that are unreal and impossible.

There is no easy money anywhere and the same fact applies to real estate investment too. It would be wrong to be carried away by those highly misleading advertisements which talk about things that are unreal. Further many people think that one can become a real estate agent “gradually” after he or she has gained experience as a real estate agent. This is not true because the mindset as a real estate agent is completely different from that of a real estate investor. Hence, living under the utopian dream that you could become a successful investor once you have “learnt” the tricks of the trade as a real estate agent is untrue and too far –fetched.

At the end of the day while losing some money in the beginning as a real estate investor is quite okay, the amount of loss would be very minimal if your expectations are reasonable and not out of the world. For being successful as a real estate investor apart from being realistic in your expectations, your attitude should be good. You must be willing to work hard and learn things fast. You must learn to rub shoulders with those who have been successful in this field which perhaps is the best way to learn this business.

Wish To Be A Successful Real Estate Developer – Read On

arista_210813_enc1You could understand the various challenges and opportunities associated with real estate development by many ways. You could be an onlooker from a distance and try to gather information on this fascinating business opportunity. Alternately if you are ambitious with an entrepreneurship bent of mind you could try to test the water and understand more about real estate development by being inside it rather than being outside it. However, you must understand one fact quite well. Becoming successful in this business is no child’s play. It takes a lot of hard work, experience, commitment and learning the tricks of the trade. Some bit of good fortune may also be required but as the saying goes “fortune favors only the brave” you should be courageous and willing to take the rough with the smooth. Here are a few important factors that should be borne in mind while choosing a real estate company.

It is important to have a clear idea about the location where you wish to start the real estate project. There are a number of reasons why location is of paramount importance. It could help you to survive and grow even in times of trouble and turmoil. On the other hand, thought you may save a few thousand dollars by building a real estate project in a desolate location, you could end up blocking your investments because of absence of customers. So, even if it calls for waiting a bit, you should never compromise on the location where you are building these projects as a real estate promoter and developer.

The next important point is to clearly identify your financial strengths and weaknesses. You should have a very clear and precise budget in mind. Though overshooting the budget by a few basis points is quite acceptable, starting a project without exactly knowing what you wish to spend would be a wrong way to get into the whole thing. Your competitors might do things that could instigate you to go overboard in your budgets. If you have decided with a budget, you should stick to it come what may.

Understanding your customer very well is extremely important. This helps you to segment your market better. Segmentation is very important because the real estate market is huge. Unless you know which types and segments of customers you are targeting you will firing empty bullets in the air. If needed you should take help from a professional to segment a customer on various parameters and only then get into the act.

What Are The Different Types Of Valuations That One Could Think Of

t0718e19Valuation is not merely about valuing of properties and real estates. It is a much bigger subject and many recent changes to rules and regulations have brought many radical changes as far as the whole concept of valuations is concerned. It would therefore be interesting to have a look at the various types of valuations that could be clubbed under the banner of any good valuer.

While there is no doubt that typical property valuation continues to be the biggest component of business for any valuation company, certain new changes to management of retirement benefits have redefined the entire concept of valuation. Today, it is possible for individuals to manage their own superannuation funds instead of handing it over to trusts and other such societies to manage the same. However, this facility comes with a rider. The individuals who are managing their own superannuation are required under the law to regularly submit a valuation report of the funds that are available in these superannuation accounts. The reports are to be submitted only by recognized and approved third party valuer. Hence, this is something new as far as valuations are concerned.

There are other types of valuations which also do not strictly deal with real estate. Asset register valuations are a type of valuation that offers huge potential for valuation companies. However this is a special type of valuation of assets of a company. It cannot be done by those who are experienced in performing real estate valuations alone. Professionals who would like to go in for asset register valuations should have a good knowledge of accounting and book keeping formalities. They should also be in a position to differentiate between different classes of accounts.

Apart from the above there are a number of other types of valuations ranging from back-dated and retrospective valuations to determination of fair rent for both determination and review purposes.

The Reasons Why We Are Such A Popular Name In Real Estate Valuation

realestateipo_620x465There is no doubt that valuation is a big subject and each and every day, valuations worthmillions of dollars take place in the country. Many of us often try and restrict valuations to properties alone. However, this is not right. There are quite a few other assets that also fall under the domain of valuations apart from valuing of properties and real estates. Though the number of players in this field of quite a few, only a very few scale high levels of success. The reasons for so many players falling by the wayside could be attributed to quite a few things. It would be interesting to find out what exactly it takes for companies to become successful in the field of valuation.

To begin with having the right knowledge in the field of valuation is extremely important. We have to bear in mind that valuation is a highly dynamic subject and what is relevant today may not be so after a few years or perhaps or even a few months. It is therefore extremely important for us to understand the importance and significance of regular updating of the knowledge base.

The next important factor that is also very crucial is to understand the need to incorporate almost any type of valuation in the company’s product or service basket. If any company is restricting itself only to valuation of properties and other such immovable assets, the chances of its growing and reaching the next higher levels of success are quite remote. Today customers expect valuation companies to offer them all the services under one roof and hence this is something that should always be taken care of.

The next important factor that defines the success of otherwise of a valuation company is its ability to deliver services to customers as per the time lines set by them. For example, there could many situations where you could find reports of valuations reports being sought for within few hours after the request being raised. This is particularly true in the case of mortgage security valuations. Hence, companies who wish to be successful in this business must have the right infrastructure, people and wherewithal to handle such requests which at times might even seem very unrealistic and unreasonable.

Trained manpower having the right experience and expertise in this subject matter is also of paramount importance. The employees should be a good mix of both youth and experience and they should be totally committed to their jobs. The onus on keeping the employees happy rests with the employers those who are keen or growing to higher levels of success.

Being registered and having the approval for the government authorities as a valuer is also of extreme importance. This certainly adds power reputation and goodwill and such valuations companies will be better placed to handle customers and even government authorities better. Last but not the least, today’s customers are very particular about the price that they pay for the services. While they expect full value for money, they are not ready to compromise on the quality of valuation reports that are submitted to them by such companies. Hence, while it is not all about being competitive in pricing, companies have to ensure that they are able to offer reasonably good value and affordable prices. This will enable them to become more inclusive as far as different segments of customers are concerned. They will be able to garner a bigger size of the overall market share.

Having a good website with 24/7 online and telephonic help is an important component which helps to separate the grain from the chaff as far as being pro-active to customers’ requirements is concerned.

Why We Are A Big Player In The Real Estate Market

home-and-moneySeeing success in the real estate market is easier said than done. Every day at least a few companies or individuals get started in this business. However, the dropouts and failures are quite high. Only 2 out 10 builders and promoters are able to see the light at the end of the tunnel even after two years. This is because of a number of factors. Those who want to see success in this business need to be patient and persevering.

They should also be able to get access to financing that is competitive and has a long term maturity and repayment period. However, such funds are not easy to come by. We have been able to create a niche in this market, because we have been able to place ourselves properly in the highly competitive housing market. It would be wrong to state that we are only into commercial projects. We also have a lot of very successful residential projects to showcase to our customers. Further, we have a total picture of the market as it is likely to be five to seven years down the line. This is again possible because we always keep a close watch on the current trends and based on this we try and come out with a reasonably accurate picture of the future.

We are also very reputed and experienced in this field and therefore when it comes to arrangement of low cost funds, we have a number of bankers and financial institutions who are ready with their lending teams right at our doorsteps. Our overall rating and creditworthiness is quite envious and hence we do not have much of a problem getting loans almost each and every major banks or financial institutions that one can think of.

We have bifurcated our activities very clearly between commercial projects and domestic projects. This avoids confusion and overlapping of functions. We are also manned by an excellent team of professionals with rich experience. Many of them have been with us for the past many years. Further we are one of the very few property builders and promoters who have their own valuation teams. So, if there is any need for valuation or any commercial or domestic property for any reason, it makes sense to contact us.

Whenever we take up any building project, however big or small it is, there are quite a few things we keep in mind. We start looking for customers only when the entire land acquisition process is over. We arrange for all commercial lending from banks and financial institutions both for ourselves and also our prospective customers. Hence, we are sure that any project that is in the drawing board stage would not take much time to fructify once the final decision to construct the same has been completed.

We also have the ways and means by which we are able to generate funds for repaying the borrowings that we have taken from lenders. We have a big team to look out for renting options for such projects in case they are not sold off. Hence, in fine whether it is outright purchase or for rent purposes, we are there to help our customers at each and every step.

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A Look At The Current Trends In Commercial Lending

Veritas-HeaderCompetition in the real estate and property markets, particular when it is for commercial purposes is seeing intense competition all around. This has resulted in the financial institutions and banks becoming extremely aggressive. This is leading to a reduction in the lending rates and at time it looks ridiculously low. Commercial property developers who are into real estate business are not much worried about the ways and means to raise funds for such big and highly capital intensive commercial projects and buildings.

 We are a reputed player in this field and hence are able to take advantage of the improved liquidity that is available in the system now. Compared to the trouble and travails that we had to undergo for raising funds for financing our commercial property projects, today we find the going easy. However, it would be wrong to mention here that banks are becoming aggressive to the point of indiscretion. They are very particular about their lending terms and conditions. We have not been able to face any problems in raising such funds. This is primarily because of our excellent rating with almost all the major banks and financial institutions. When the credit team of the various banks and financial institutions sit and make a valuation of our assets and liabilities they certainly will have no major reason for worry or concern.

This is because of our strong fundamentals and the number of projects that we have completed successfully. Looking at the various trends available from the ground level, we organize and reorganize ourselves. Hence whether it single commercial buildings or big apartments, there is no denying the fact that we stand in a better wicket compared to many other projects that have been built on such commercial lending from banks and financial institutions.

Our vast experience in the real estate market is standing us in good stead as banks and financial institutions are more open and ready to lend for various projects. We also are confident of selling these projects outright or find customers on rent for the same. The rentals that we are confident of getting from these projects will more than take care of the funds we need for servicing the loans that we may have taken from the banks and financial institutions.

Another big reason why the lenders continue to repose their faith on us is our reporting system to the banks. The periodical requirements of reports from banks are adhered to very strictly. Further, whenever we are a bit strong on the cash-flows, we try and retire a part of the debt so that our overall liabilities come down significantly.

Given our successful and fulfilling experience in the commercial property market we are now foraying into the residential property markets. We are confident that our basic fundamentals being what they are, we will be able to create a big impact in this field too. We already have completed a few projects quite successfully and we would like to build on these strengths and experiences and take matters forward.

In find given the positive environment that is now prevalent today, the future looks quite bright for us both in the short term and longer perspectives.